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Rok I have been doing IF for a year or so. In absence of any clinical trial and while I am not strictly answering your question, I am hoping that you really want to give IF a go. Consider this: By giving a large time gap between your last meal of the day and first meal of the next day, what will your brain and body be running on? We can only store 100 ...


This was covered in: What's The Right Diet For You? A Horizon Special and there appears to be a few bits in the associated free interactive eBook. Essentially the thought is that intermittent fasting (IF) is a useful dieting technique, for people that they categorise / profile as "Constant Cravers", as the body will produce appetite suppressing ketones in ...


You can look for Martin Berkhan's Leangains method here: http://www.leangains.com/ A guy did an AMA for that leangains program here: http://www.reddit.com/r/leangains/comments/1jjrci/former_berkhan_client_ama/ There is a book named, Eat Stop Eat, talking about the benefits of fasting, here: http://www.eatstopeat.com/ and here: http://bradpilon.com/


Currently there aren't any available studies that I can find that examine IF solely for weight loss/fat burn effects. I can find quite a few studies showing the efficacy of intermittent fasting and calorie restriction on a whole host of body systems, but I can't find any addressing IF by itself, which means that you can't distinguish between weight loss ...

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