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The only studies to my knowledge that have any correlation between carbohydrates and Alzheimers are epidemiological. In short they use survey data to find areas of study where more controlled studies should be performed to see if there is a true cause and effect relationship. The problem is that many people assume that correlation is the same thing as ...


Ketogenic diets are of questionable benefit unless done for medical reasons (Such as an attempt to control epilepsy). Studies of ketogenic diets have had very mixed results. If you only eat 160g of protein, that is a daily intake of 640 calories, which is borderline starvation diet. That isn't really a desirable outcome either. Fat is essential, but if you ...


D-Ribose is a 5-chain carbon that has been proven to provide medicinal support to those people who suffer from chronic fatigue, fybromyaglia and lack of energy. 5-10 grams 3x weekly seems to be the most widely accepted dose for this supplement. Food ***does not a***ctually contain D-Ribose so I can understand that this would be an addition to a great diet. ...


I just read a study on d-ribose and how it raises insulin after injested and lowers blood glucose in a fasted state. So if your on alow/very low carb plan maybe take it with a fast acting whey after working out with weights.

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