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Any fitness regimen can be done by women. As far as the gains, that is going to be highly personally dependent. Another woman (or even man) might increase every few days, someone else might only go up every couple months. It will depend on many factors, only one of which may be nutrition. Training history, regular sessions, proper form/technique, proper ...


Absolutely. Muscle and strength gains will vary from trainee to trainee, but there is no reason not to begin a program like this. Being on an Atkins diet will likely make it a bit more challenging to increase hypertrophy. I would recommend getting in some complex carbohydrates in the hours after you train. (potatoes, yams, rice, oatmeal, etc) You need to ...


Of course it can be done by women. The only thing that is a bit more difficult is progression on OHP and bench; for those lifts I would recommend microplates (you can find more info on them here). This will allow you to add just 2.5 lbs per session instead of 5 lbs... SS and also SL are very suitable for women. As a matter of fact a trained women will in ...


Yes, whey protein can knock you out of ketosis. It has had that effect on me several times. To those who say, no carbs, thus no effect, you're only looking at half the story. Carbs effect ketosis by affecting insulin. Ketosis is governed by the insulin/glucagon ratio (I/G ratio) (1). Whey has no carbs, has but it IS insulinogenic (e.g., ref (2)) ...


Give your body a break. Increase your calories for a week or two, then reduce them about ten to 20 percent a day. Your body will get out of starvation mode and you will slowly start losing again. Worst thing to do is panic when the weight goes up and return to your body punishing routine.


I'm in favor of low carbohydrates for two primary reasons: Ketosis is legimate, effective, and safe way to cut down on body fat. There are examples of native people who historically ate very little carbohydrates for generations. Most of the sinister cheap calories in a western diet come from carbohydrates. Even following a "low carbohydrate diet" still ...


If you consume excess protein on a ketogenic diet, several of the amino acids will be converted to glucose via the gluconeogenic pathway thus knocking you out of ketosis.

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