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More often than not, if you want to work on form, you should decrease the weight. If your form breaks, it does so when the load is high. Naturally there are exceptions to this rule, as there are to any rule, but if you've found an exercise where heavy weights force you into strict form, you've found a magical exercise. That said, make sure you know good and ...


Performing a proper two-hand kettlebell swing is a whole-body workout as opposed to isolating single muscles. However, the main muscles that go into swinging a bell are glutes, hamstrings, lower back + abs (core). What you should aim for in a swing is to send your hips back (similar to deadlift form) with the bell, and then drive your hips forward to get ...


Just for a little reference: Dan John has a programm/blog post kinda thing named 10000 kettlebell swings. In this you perform 500 swings a day 4 times per week (main and only workout) and it contains sets of 50 swings. I tried this with a 24kg kettlebell and can honestly say it is something special. For me personally it puts things in perspectif; I don't ...


30 kettlebell swings is not enough exercise to see major improvement. You need a longer workout. Stay with your current kettlebell, but do more exercises and more sets. You could do 30 swings, then rest a couple minutes, then do another set of 30 swings, and continue until you've done 3 or 5 sets. Some sets of overhead presses would be a good idea, as would ...


I do only swings , which is the only exercise I do not feel boring You may want to consider something like the kettlebell snatch, or the kettlebell clean and press (or both), neither of which many people would describe as boring. Some of my favorite kettlebell workouts consist of: Swing (two hand) Snatch Clean and press Turkish getup DB (with a ...


Simply obtain a heart rate monitor and estimate the relative VO2 figures per: Is it possible to measure calorie burn from heart rate alone?, and from the VO2 figure the calories.


That's it. Typically a good rule of thumb is to breath out when the weight is traveling against gravity.

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