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The knee is a hinge joint that will never respond well to rotational forces. Gray Cook's joint-by-joint approach to training states that lack of stability in the knee is usually caused by lack of mobility in the ankle. Michael Boyle's 8 Essential Mobility Drills suggests placing your toe four inches from a wall, keeping your heel on the floor, and rocking ...


The reasoning behind keeping your shins vertical is this: Moving the shin angle to 90 degrees relative to the floor allows the shin bone and the thigh bone to roll atop one another, reducing stress, says physical therapist Dr. Charlie Weingroff. --LiveStrong.com Many people probably do this poorly because they haven't learned to hip hinge. I would ...


I don't think a high or low bar squat should necessarily cause knee pain: both are okay when performed correctly. As such, I wouldn't look at that as the cause of your issue. The low bar squat is "better" because you can push more weight. There are a lot of competitive level crossfitters that never low bar squat: their knees are fine. Regardless of all of ...


Try Bulgarian split squats with just your bodyweight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxFjYVinea4

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