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I experienced the same problem and I might have figured out the answer: The heat is caused by friction. This friction is produced because your feet can move within your my suggestion is get some thicker, breathable socks.


Pay attention to if your feet are rubbing or not, I find the socks I use make the difference. I tried some short basic cotton socks and my feet get very hot. Then I got some puma socks that are meant for running and breathe a lot (my shoes also breathe pretty well) and I noticed a major difference. Make sure your shoes are good for your feet. I'm not ...


I can sympathize with your problem. My feet get really hot when I'm running as well. My solution for the problem was to move to minimalist shoes, in my case, a set of Xero Shoes sandals. They don't work for everyone — and they do necessitate learning a different running technique for most people as you no longer have artificial cushioning around your heel, ...


After a marathon or any race many people, I cant think of a solid reference - maybe Greg McMillan, suggest to do a reverse taper. Using McMillan's it would be 50% of normal (20 miles) for following week, 75% of normal for the next (30 miles), 80-90% for the third week, and back to normal from there. Alternatively, Hal Higdon relates a saying from some other ...

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