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Your problem is either medical or expectation-based. Are you expecting it to be as easy? You are going uphill and so are working your muscles a lot more. You are in the Anaerobic zone for incline runs which is not the pleasant experience you will get when running in the aerobic zone. Go to a doctor and explain all of your ailments. You could ask to be ...


You might experience leg fatigue because of incorrect posture or technique while running. Running in a straight line and at a constant speed tends to be more efficient compared with running erratically or at various speeds. Lowering your center of gravity while running could increase your balance and power, making it easier to run without becoming fatigued.


I've experience this for a long time, it get much better right now but not solved completed. First reason cause it is your foot may be supination/pronation, at least this is what I had. You can go hospital and do a simple test with a result like this : The left one is normal/good arch, and make sure yours ...

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