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So you went for a long run for your current training level and felt tired for a few days afterwards? That would be expected and rather the point. You're trying to stress your body so that it will adapt to the stress and then some (supercompensation). This process means that you will be a bit tired. I'll note that some of the commenters wanted to calculate ...


First, just thought I'd mention that it says when joining this stack exchange that questions should not be opinion based. That said, I usually hang mine on a fold up clothes hanger, or over a railing outside. If these aren't options, you could just rinse them in the sink or toss them in a fresh bucket of water.


If you can't run 10k without stopping, then you are either running too far, or too fast for your current fitness. I would recommend a program created by a cross country coach named Barry Pollack, dubbed the 3:2:1 program. In this, you have 6 runs per week, 3 short, 2 medium and one long. Your medium run is double your short runs, and your long run is 3x ...


If you are looking for ways to increase your speed at a given distance, I would suggest running over distance. We raced 5k, so we ran anywhere from 1.5x to 4x that distance. If that is a problem for you (because of injuries or whatnot), look into other forms of cardio that are lower impact. Cycling, swimming, rowing come to mind. Keep in mind the injury ...

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