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Presuming that your goal is to eventually run the whole way I would start with a five minute fast walk. Then run for 5 minutes(if that's the most you can currently do). Then walk, then run. Use a stop watch though, and try to be strict with yourself. Start with five minutes walk, 5 minutes jog, on your next run start to reduce the time you walk do 5 ...


Human's physical performances usually peak in their prime; this age can range from 18 till 35+. So, biologically speaking, our physical performance best will be a number between that range. However, just like many things in human life, we improve the more we practise and gain experience. As a result, the optimal age doesn't really matter. What matters is ...


It very much depends on how long you have been running, but for someone who has been running a number of years. Yes I'd agree that early to mid 30's you are likely to see your best performances regarding the marathon. However, you do hear very good performances even in to later 30's. As I said, it very much depends on your running background.


If you're sprinting, breaking the routine into intermittent sprinting and walking is a great idea. It's similar to a High Intensity Interval Training exercise. However, if you're jogging, perform your jog first before walking. Your goal is to increase your endurance so that you can jog all the way without walking. This accomplishes that goal for you. As ...

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