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You have one or more of the following: Back soreness, lower back pain, terrible form, or back injury. I would suggest seeing a doctor, as what it sounds like to me is lower back pain if it has been persisting for more than a few weeks. In the meantime, stop these exercises if they are hurting. There are other alternatives, machines are probably the way to go ...


A 1200 pound deadlift would be a world record in any category (raw/equipped etc), so yeah he's lying. There doesn't seem to be a world record in standing military press, but the highest numbers I'm finding is around 500 pounds.


It is smart to look at fitness when you are young with an eye on preventing problems as you age. Back pain can have multiple causes. Some of the causes stem from degenerative changes of the joints, restrictions in the soft tissues (muscle and fascia), protective muscle spasms, disc degeneration and/or prolapse, and osteoporosis (weakening or thinning of ...


Like everyone said, Proper form is what is needed. If you don't maintain proper form and do warm up and cool down, there is a chance that you get injured even while walking on treadmill. So Warmup, Form, CoolDown.


Many exercises can cause back problems if done improperly. The bent over row with a dumbbell is not an exception. However, if done correctly, the bent over row is a good, compound exercise that strengthens multiple back, shoulder and scapular muscles. To protect your spine: Keep your back slightly arched and avoid rounding your back. Contracting ...


No, as long as you maintain proper form, it's not dangerous, the only back problems you'll have is "how can I find clothes that my huge back fit into". Every exercise put a strain on some joint and could thus be potentially dangerous. To me, it's a lot easier to maintain a neutral back while doing dumbbell rows than during a deadlift.

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