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I walk 2 - 3 miles on treadmill. Wearing Fitbit it calculates only about half of that. Returned because there is no way I am going to count the steps and input manually on computer. This is very accurate when walking outdoors, but living in the North I need to use treadmill. Not worth it.


Importance of Equal Hip Strength Bilaterally This Clinical Review found weaknesses in hip abductors, external rotators and hip flexors on the involved side as compared to the uninvolved side in runners with patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) and iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS). So an important factor is the strength of one hip relative to the other, ...


As for the number of sets and reps, that depends on what your goal is, and what part of periodization you are in. If you are aiming at increasing strength and speed in running i suggest you do 1-4 reps at above 85% for all exercises. I am a sprinter and this is what I do. It will increase your speed potential, so that you exert less force when you run at X ...

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