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Will I maintain my sets x reps? If you achieve AxB sets x reps on an exercise and keep at the same reps and weight but do it every week you will get good at doing that exercise. It will become easier and your body will adapt. You won't gain any significant muscle but you will most likely maintain your current physique (based on your regime). How can I ...


Rest. You won't see appreciable muscle loss in a month. Keep your calorie intake at maintenance and take it easy. The alternative is light exercise against your doctors instructions that could risk your eyesight.


Keep moving without straining yourself. You're not going to want to do anything that's going to raise your blood pressure, but there's a lot of movement that can be done without exerting yourself that will nonetheless keep your body in the spirit of movement. Even doing something so simple as taking a long walk every night around your neighborhood, or doing ...

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