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I would say it is almost impossible to exactly mantain body size. I would recommend to alternate low workout periods with higher ones (say, 1 month of aerobic and low intensity and low volume weight training and 1 month of higher weight training). In this way, you would lose a bit of muscle while reducing body fat and re-taking previous muscular condition at ...


To achieve maintenance in place of gains, you can train at the same intensity, but reduce the volume to around 30 - 40%.


If you still like working out 4 times a week, try doing same compound lifts 2 times a week, and another 2 days spend doing something completely different. This way you space out your lifts, so that it takes 2 weeks to complete the cycle instead of one, and you have 2 more days to do something completely different, new, unique. Heavy lifts will let you ...

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