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So that's: ~50 miles. 3.8 mph (50/3.8 = 13.2) or 16 minutes/mile 792 minutes (13.2 * 60) = 4,391 calories (for a 170lb average person) Honey generally has 21 calories per 5ml, so that's 3 calories per ml. 4,391 (total calories) / 3 (calories per ml) = 1,463 ml. Feel free to double check my math on all of that, and it's based entirely on the average of a ...


The only studies I've seen not in support of icing injuries typically are inconclusive, but the other side of the coin is that there is documented and anecdotal evidence in favor. A 2001 study states: It is concluded that ice is effective, but should be applied in repeated application of 10 minutes to be most effective, avoid side effects, and ...

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