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I had a lot of success doing bodyweight training for the couple of years that I was more-or-less forced to, living in a developing nation with no real gym options. If you go the bodyweight route, I'd recommend these strategies: Realize that "some pushups and pullups" isn't going to cut it. Just like most people in a gym have no idea what they're doing, ...


Knuckle pushups, bodyweight squats, and sit-ups, as a program, would mostly increase muscular endurance and cardio. A 3x5 program like Rippetoe's Starting Strength would actually increase your strength and power. Muscular endurance is great for fighting, but A) you're probably already doing those exercises in class and B) if you're stronger you have better ...


Ask the teacher. Some styles of TKD require you to start sparring immediately, some may not have you doing any sparring for the first few months to start with. Even if it's a sparring-heavy school, they still may be able to accommodate you until the braces come off.

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