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Set some goals. It's hard to get back into the swing of things without something concrete to work for. Sit down and plan out some goals that you would like to achieve, that all build into each other. As Sean points out, it does come back quickly. At 5 weeks, you are not completely detrained yet. Common lore is that depending on your own personal ...


Start small. Drop your weight to where you can finish your sets. Walk if you need to instead of running. Then start ramping it back up. The really good news is that it comes back quickly.


Some things that have worked for me: Caffeine Caffeine just seems to make things easier, be it coffee or a pre workout drink. Motivational Videos Watching a motivational video while getting ready for a workout can fire you up. Example


NONSENSE If you built up your fitness for years, there is no way that you are back to scratch after a 5 week 'vacation'. In the worst case your body has become slightly weaker or heavier, but objectively it will not be a lot, and it will certainly not mean that you have to start from scratch again. If you really think you 'lost everything' just push ...


Look for a friend who will join you in your efforts. I've found that going to the gym together is more fun than going alone, and more motivating. Even if you can't workout together, you can hold each other accountable by checking in to see how you're doing with your goals. Most of all, this has helped me because a good friend understands and will support ...

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