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Strength programs like 3x5, 5x5, or other low-to-mid-rep heavy lifting programs are well suited to maintaining the same weight while doing body recomposition. Just don't eat a tremendous amount. The other option, which I like quite a bit, is to eat as much as possible of high-quality foods (meat, veggies, fish, eggs, dairy) while maintaining a high ...


It's an inverse pyramid strength-training workout. Although this seems to be fairly low reps, it's used to encourage muscles to build volume. I wouldn't suggest hitting these kinds of reps though. Injuries are rampant when you load up on these weights. A more appropriate strength and volume building routine would be 10-8-6 or even 8-6-4 reps, each with ...


After emailing bodybuilding.com, this was their answer: When you are conducting 5 sets of 3,2,1 you will do a rep range of 3, add weigh do a rep range of 2, add weight and then do a rep range of 1. The low reps and high weight will help with muscle building. You should be very fatigued by the time you hit one rep.

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