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It’s actually surprising how little exercise you really need to stay fit. How much and what you do depends on the individual but it's really about intensity, the combination of exercises, weight and reps. I used to work out for HOURS but cut my routine by over half a few years ago. I now do app. 3-4 30 minute strength training workouts a week and moderate ...


As for me I think that such exercises like bench press and deadlift are as effective as a squats. By the way, if you are interested how to increase your GH level, you can get some more information here


I contacted Jim directly, and his advice was to mix things up as much as possible. In other words, it is less likely that optimal results will be achieved by repeating the same program. Jim recommended his own web site. In his words "I have hundreds of workouts and dozens of programs on my site. Any and all of them are sound options." Unfortunately, it is ...


Unfortunately, you can't change the shape of your muscles (you're not going to be able to morph your peak to width ratio), but you can work on the illusion. If you're not already, consider adding reverse curls and hammer curls to your training program. Both of these lifts train the brachialis and the brachioradialis (as well as the biceps brachii). ...


As the science shows gaining size happens due to calorie surplus and also if you lift at least 60% 1RM (15 repetitions, roughly), 40 reps minimum per muscle, twice a week. So yes, sometimes it's ok not to exert yourself, but maybe problem is in your routine? maybe it's time to change it?


My advice? Simple, if the program is working for you, then just restart the program.


Hypertrophy (muscle building) through yoga is definitely unorthodox, but with a well thought out plan and an appropriate diet, it's certainly possible (to a degree). I recently heard a Ben Greenfield podcast on the subject. He had a dude on there touting his methods. I haven't gotten into it myself, but here's his youtube channel... looks like he has ...

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