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Read Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle by Tom Venuto. Disregard the unfortunate marketing strategy; it tends to come off as another "get ripped quick" scheme, but it's by far the most comprehensively researched, well-written and approachable take on the subject that I've come across. Note the extremely positive reviews on Amazon. Venuto can explain things much ...


70 days of inactivity will have a muscle atrophy effect. There are measures to limit the extent to which muscle wanes, but still, without use, they will deteriorate. I don't know what NASA is planning to do to counter these effects, but researchers have found that neuromuscular electrical stimulation can keep muscle protein synthesis active in comatose ...


My first recommendation is for patience. In particular, gaining mass at a rate that brings with it more muscle size than fat requires a good deal of patience. You should aim for an increase of 3 lbs/ month or 0.75 lbs per week. If you see no change in mass, eat more food--particularly more carbs If you see a change in mass that's too fast, eat less food ...


Deadlifts on their own would not add muscle even though they are often attributed to it. In order for you to pack on muscle, you would have to eat more to sustain enough energy to warrant muscle group. If you deadlift and your nutrition is off point and your not eating enough, you won't build muscle.

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