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It's likely all the bench-pressing that you're doing. Too much volume: 10x10 is a very high-volume program. Most lifters stick to around 3x10 or 4x8 for hypertrophy. It also might be a muscle imbalance. Your pectorals are stronger than your back-muscles, and it's screwing with the (very complicated) structures in your shoulders. Take a break from ...


in my opinion, if you got this sore after a training doesn't matter in any part of the body, is a good sign of growing the muscles.Are you stop for like sometimes and continue training again? or do you train often? Daily motivation and sharing


Muscle soreness is irrelevant to muscle growth. It's just a sign you haven't exercised these particular muscles recently. Provided you've had enough rest and good calorie intake in the last few days, you are more than good to go and do the exercises. It's not a good idea to do it if you've done any intense leg exercise in the last ~72 hours. Spend 5 min ...


Feeling sore is not a sure sign you are growing. If I understand you right, you haven't been working your legs for a while before this workout (you seem to contradict yourself in the next sentence), in that case, it's normal to feel sore. Higher rep count also seem to make you more sore, at least that's true for me.


Check your form, or have it checked by a runner. You are not a runner. Before you become a runner you need to make sure your form is good, you aren't too far overweight, and you aren't trying to do too much...too quickly. Landing on your heals can destroy calves. An overweight person can actually get small fractures in their bones from running. I'm not ...

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