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Squats. Lots and lots of squats. Squat variations. Lots and lots of squat variations and progressions. Lunges and lunge variations as well. Have a look at something like Convict Conditioning and work your way up to pistol squats. When you can perform 5 consecutive ass to grass pistol squats, chances are you'll have some pretty strong thighs.


Your first step would be making sure your body has the fuel to develop and recover with your exercise. To develop muscle effectively you should be at least eating at a maintenance, preferably at a bulk. Next, carry on doing martial arts! I did Tae Kwon Do for about 6 years in my youth and as a result I have a very well developed lower body. MY legs can ...


Basically, unless you know more or less exactly how many calories you're gonna burn daily, you will lose some muscle. Obviously, if you have a good estimate of how much you will burn, try to eat over this amount + your bodyweight in lbs x 15 (which is the amount of calories required for bodyweight maintenance for an average male) in calories. I will discuss, ...


Honestly, you won't lose your muscles in 15 days, that is too short. I know that hiking can be tyring sometimes (I live near the alps and hike often), but that is not enough to really lose muscles. Last year I spent one month in South America, at high altitudes (+3500m), most of the time hiking, I did not lose any muscles (but I burned fat, that was cool!). ...

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