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It sounds like metatarsalgia to me. If you check out the symptoms section that article they match what you described. Running and jumping increase the risk of metatarsalgia, and anything that increases impact on your feet makes it worse. The article lists wearing shoes without appropriate padding as a risk factor, so your vibram's lack of padding may be ...


Numbness of the foot and tightness of the Achilles usually has to do with tight plantar fascia. (See below for another cause also). There are 2 easy ways to relieve this pain. Do these the night before a run. It is best to do 3-5 times a week for 6-10 weeks in order to see maximum change. 1) Release fascia tissue - get a lacrosse ball. Stand up and ...


I tend to get a similar feeling. I have noticed, however, that it gets better with proper warmup before starting to run. Some jumps, short jogs, and other activities to get the heart rate up a bit before setting off is what I do, and it helps quite a lot. Do you do any pre-run warm-up?

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