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Judging the nutritional facts i would say you are safe. I have taken multivitamins that have the daily needed value way over exceeded and been just fine(if that is what you are worried about) What ever diet plan you read, it always says "As many greens as you want". At the end of the day you just have to test it yourself because everyone responds to ...


Its hard to say as based on the classical low-fat/high-carb diet guidelines that have been popular for many years, being low carb 'in contrast' should be easily achievable. Basicaly its safe to say that unless you are doing high intensity workouts, your body can work quite nicely on zero carbs. If you are working out and you feel before the end of your ...


My low carbs diet is based on two rules: Less than 20gr per day of carbs / sugar. One day off to eat fruit and dinner pizza / thai / burger, etc. I am 31 y.o. and a Software Engineer and doing sport for 3 days a week I loose aprox 1kg, per week.


before most definatedly, when you don't eat u can't lift heavy when you eat to soon you'll probably feel bloated and not strong enough due to the increased energy it takes to process the food. for me an hour before is the magic timing, and I also recommend eating fat meals because it gives energy for a longer time

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