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Make sure your forearm is not stacked on top of your humerus. It should be off to the side. You can do this stretch to help improve your flexibility for the catch position. What is most important is elbows up, not the finger position in the catch. If you lack flexibility, there are alternative catching grips you can use:


When switching to power cleans and/or front squats for the first time you will start to notice that many areas of your body are not very flexible. This will adjust over time, however I would recommend that you do supplementary stretching. I am a big fan of Glenn Pendlay's videos when it comes to Olympic lifting, and this one is most appropriate for you.


Perhaps just the max height for a single box jump/vertical jump (if you don't want technique to be a factor for improvement). I'm hoping/expecting that your setup allows you to increase height. I have a friend who was box jump training for a bit, he gained a few inches over maybe 2-3 months of intensive training. But I think doubling your box jump height is ...


You are asking about measuring two different metrics. One is power/explosiveness, the other is endurance. Technique is a factor, but really only measurable in the initial phases, which it sounds like you are past that point already. While I have no personal experience with training box jumps, other than as occasional plyometric exercises in the dojangh, I ...

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