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I can't give you medical advice - (not a doc), but I can give you some links to hopefully help answer some of your questions. Here is some information on Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP). The treatment is relatively new so evidence for its outcomes is still being collected. For example, using PRP for elbow tendinitis (tennis elbow) has shown clinical ...


You need to ask what caused this neurologically inhibited muscle and whether it still exists. Some say the cause is an antagonist that will not relax, which keeps the muscle from contracting completely. the body “forgets” how to use the gluteal muscles because it’s more efficient in the short-term to divert the neural signal intended for them to a ...


When you train for high resistance, your body will gain a mind-muscle connection to the specific movement. If you don't train that particular movement for a long period of time, those motor neurons used to fire those muscles will not be as strong as they were before.

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