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Juggling is a great cardio exercise anytime but especially when recovering from a lower body injury. It will also improve your coordination which is great since you play sports. Try it sitting in an armless chair. Detailed instructions and photos are in my Juggling for Fitness post on this site's blog. Have fun!


Fast-twitch muscles are used and developed by moving fast. Regular push-ups can be done a little fast, but basically you want to do clapping or plyometric push-ups to really develop explosiveness. If you start doing 20 reps of push-ups, no matter what kind, those reps aren't going to be particularly explosive. If they are, they won't be challenging enough ...


I had to check exactly what "plyometrics workout" means - I assume you mean things like box jumps, precision jumps, jumping lunges, etc. I have done these both with and without shoes, but the past few years I prefer without. As you've mentioned in the question, there are reasons against doing this. You will feel more impact on your feet, and less ...


Chinups/pullups, dips (although that might seem quite boring to someone on crutches, pushups (resting your injured foot over the achilles tendon of your good foot), situps, jackknifes, seated overhead press (that might require the help of someone else to get the weights over to you), bench press, seated shrugs, a lot of grip strength exercises should work ...

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