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If anything, I'd definitely avoid cardio in your case. Here's a study ( where people, who exercised after their glycogen reserves were already wiped out, burned away 13.7 grams of proteins per hour of exercise (that was measured through sweat alone), which is an equivalent of a little below 70 grams of muscle mass. ...


I think you could better just keep on lifting. As said above you won't hit the same numbers, but there is always a technical flaw you could try to work on. You could also use the time you are now not lifting to learn new movements. I can't tell how experienced you are but you could try other types of squats as example: goblet squat front squat box squats ...


Participants in fitness competitions do keep a low calorie diet for a few weeks while they continue to do their usual workouts. Keep in mind that they calculate the daily amount of calories very accurately, and get supervision from nutrition experts or personal trainers.

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