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Is 6 days better? Yes. You can bring more energy to each workout and get the same work done to higher quality which leads to better progress. Also you have more room for variation to keep you progressing. But you need to lay out the routine correctly. There are no black and white answers. Can you give an example of the routines? Ideas for setting it up ...


The first routine is low on overall weekly volume in terms of sessions in the gym and I would recommend if you chose this route to achieve hypertrophy what you understand that as you develop into a intermediate/advanced lifter that the time you spend in the gym during these 3 session will increase to a significant amount. Whole-body programs are designed to ...


Psychological issues aside (as requested), there is the big, BIG issue of physiological restitution. You've probably heard of the muscle group rest period of 48-hours since both your layouts seem to follow it. But your central nervous system (CNS) is going to be taking a hit 6 days in a row if you follow the second routine. While your muscles may be ...


All studies what I have found (mentioned in other answers) are using only the world records to validate the Wilks formula. What does not really make sense for the purpose how it is used today (for comparison of ordinary lifters at competitions). See the following post about this issue:

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