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Sounds like you're ready to start muscle-up training, your numbers are decent enough (5 sets of 5 is my target before I move my students to muscle-up training). Add in some jumping muscle-ups to your workout routine. You're going to need a false grip on the bar, which means putting your thumbs and palm on the bar, rather than your fingers. This allows ...


Since you can do 5 to 7 pull-ups and your goal is muscle-ups, I'd focus on high-rep sets in every workout. Three sets of 8 is OK, but I've found that pull-ups respond very well to volume. Five sets of 8 on "pull" days, plus 3 sets of 8 on "push" and "leg" days would be a start. So would greasing the groove with sets of 2 or 3 all throughout the day, if you ...

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