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Yes definitely it's a better alternative. I myself was talking egg white but there is a major problem associated which is hair loss as far as my research the eh white contains a component which binds biotin exclusively and after long time there can be deficiency of biotin in the body which create problem Really egg white is good alternative and the results ...


Is it a good idea to make shakes using egg white powder? I can imagine that adding water will reconstitute it into its original, slimy form. Will it cause stomach troubles? I've never tried raw eggs before. Egg whites also go by the name albumen, by which the fatty yolks have been filtered away. Most people who use egg protein powder are like you: ...


Eggs - both whites and whole eggs - have a long and storied role in the muscle building history. Google egg white powder and you can see it sold as a supplement. This will probably be product specific. The product itself will probably have storage instructions. Since your question is largely about personal digestion issues, it seems you will need to try ...


Is it a 'Expiration Date' or a "Best Consumed By" or a "Sell by" date? If it is past it's expiration date I would try to consume it quickly, but it should be generally safe to use for a month or so.

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