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I generally feature two kinds of protein shakes in my day: The first one in the morning is like my squat; it's no fun getting it down, I have pump myself up to do it, but I feel like I achieved greatness afterward. This shake consists of: Whatever vegetables I have in the fridge that will fit in the blender (usually a lot of kale, garlic, radishes, ...


Throw all that stuff you mentioned into a blender. Add a whole banana and a good sized table spoon of peanut butter, natural peanut butter if possible - most health food store stock it. And a decent amount of almond or coconut milk - again, health food stores or even a Tesco, my local Tesco has them.


Get a taste that masks the bad taste components well, my favourite is mint chocolate. Mix it with milk instead of water, this really makes a huge difference. Shake it well, make sure there are no lumps. Still, even with all of this, I'll drink my protein shakes in one go and just avoid thinking about how bad it tastes :P


I don't understand why all the answers saying timing doesn't matter are being downvoted. There is no link between time of protein ingestion in relation to working out that has any substantial effect. Please see this paper.


Let's start with some foundation in the order of importance: Energy Balance (Calories in vs. Calories out) Macros (amount of protein, carbohydrates, fat) Micros/Supplements (vitamins / minerals and sports supplements) Meal timing (how often you eat and how close to training) Energy Balance This is the simplest thing: You eat less than you burn in a ...


This is gonna be a "yes-and-no" answer. In general First off, if you've done little to no weight training before, you're in a spot where you can build muscle and lose fat at the same time. This isn't necessarily impossible later, but it gets progressively harder the more you train. In this sense, doing both weight training and a decent bit of cardio, is ...

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