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Your trainer is recommending them because he has to. I worked for gym that required me to sell 200 dollars of dot fit bars in order for me to reach my goal, failure to do so can result in termination. I wouldn't recommend dot fit to anyone, there are many better products out there. Just make sure your following your recommended caloric intake and getting ...


Yep, if you don't eat enough protein it's likely that the body will get protein from other less used muscles, also if you eat enough calories but not enough protein you can still improve your strength but you won't improve your size much(you could even get fatter). Strength improvements are much faster with a bigger protein intake though.


After a workout, the body must repair the fibrilar damage. As we know, protein(aminoacids) is the "food" of the muscle, so if it doesn't have this "food" then it won't repair correctly and muscle loose will occurr.

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