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If u don't eat enough protein then muscles will surely take more time to recover than usual and the body will start burning your fat if u also don't take enough carbs ... But over a period of time the body will learn how to manage and it searches for protein which is available in the spinal fluid very rich in protein located in d disc separating the spine ...


If you have any protein intake, that protein will be used to repair and over-compensate the microdamaged muscle tissue. More protein will make this response stronger. If you literally don't have any protein intake, you will have many different medical issues, one of them being that you are unable to repair this damage, meaning you will be catabolic.


I think the mistake you are making in your question is that you assume whey protein is not food. Whey protein is food just like anything else, it's usually referred to as a supplement because it has conveniently great macros for bodybuilding (if we take this as a general example 20g protein per 100 calories in a scoop). You can substitute 2 scoops (40g ...

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