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As the study that Greg cites shows, there is no real difference in the window for protein intake. People may be confusing this with the studies that show supercompensation of glycogen storage when carbohydrates are consumed in the period ("the golden hour") after prolonged aerobic exercise. However, you may want to reconsider doing cardio immediately ...


2010 ISSN Position Stand: • Individuals engaged in a general fitness program can typically meet needs by consuming a normal diet (45-55% CHO; 3-5 g/kg/day). • Athletes involved in moderate amounts of intense training (2-3 hrs/day, 5-6 times/week) typically need to consume 55-65% CHO (5-8 g/kg/day or 250 - 1,200 g/day for 50 - 150 kg athletes) in order to ...


It won't. As long as you meet your daily requirements you will be fine, regardless how many minutes after your workout you will have a shake.


Done it for years. Just use a blender, or vita-mix. Pour the coffee in - turn on low - pour the protein powder in slowly until it's generally mixed. Cover, and blitz. It gets frothy - and I happen to love the vanilla flavor. No extra sugar, no extra creamer - just coffee and protein.

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