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It doesn't sound bad. I recommend going above five reps for at least some sets, since I find the upper body responds well to higher volume and it's not the worst thing in the world to train some endurance. I expect you'll actually see better strength results that way anyway. The more common method of loading pull-ups is to use a dip belt, but the backpack ...


If you are not feeling pain, there is no reason to be concerned. Dip belts are good, you can also buy a weighted vest. That way the weight is more evenly distributed.


A couple of years ago I went from 8 pullups to 24 pullups after getting an Iron Gym for my house and doing "Grease The Groove". Basically just do unplanned sets throughout the day when you're at home, but only do a few at a time so you're never tired. Do this alongside your normal gym routine, but this should never affect your gym recovery. Keep doing your ...


Since your goal here is to do pull ups, I'm going to focus more on that then just upper back strengthening as the title requests. There are three major factors that you should focus on improving: weight, strength, and technique. Lose weight. Doing cardio to burn fat will make pull ups more manageable, since you have less total weight to physically pull up. ...

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