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You need to strengthen your lats and biceps, which can be attained by dumbbell rows or/and you need to lose weight which can be achieved by eating less and eating healthier; and also doing cardio.


Do slow negatives, start at the top and lower yourself slowly, this is the way most people get strong enough to do their first, clean pull/chin-ups. If you have a rubber band to attach to the bar, that can work too.,


All of them are exercises focused in back as a primary muscle and also work biceps as a secondary muscle and of course your grip strenght. By experience I would do the regular pull ups and the regular chin ups those kind of grips you mentioned do the same work as the regular grip so keep it simple.


For those of us that can't afford a water tank, but still want some relatively easy measure of body fat percent, you can get digital body fat scales that send small electric currents through your body, using Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). Since it takes longer to get through fat than muscle, they can give you a rough estimate of your body's fat ...


There are three variables you can easily measure for a very accurate idea of what's happening with your skeletomuscular system: body fat, body weight, and circumference. Measuring body fat is most important, but as Eric pointed out, measuring displacement in a water tank is not accessible for most people. Instead, pick up some skinfold calipers from Amazon ...

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