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Your workout is ineffective, and possibly your diet, too. Let me tell you the possible results of your workout plan: Increased endurance, minimum fat loss, slight muscle gain, and possibility of an overuse injury. Also check your calorie intake, it should be about 2500(give or take 100 calories) if you are a mid height, 25 year old active male, assuming you ...


It is true that you can hurt your wrist by doing push-ups on your wrist for too long. 200 push ups, if in a single session, seems a little bit too much to me. You can alleviate a lot of the pressure by using push-up handles (bars). Also, remember to wear a pair of gloves, it is good for your palm.


If your goal is to increase triceps as you mentioned in your comment, doing regular pushups will not be enough, especially not if you can make 60. According to current science, the ideal way to grow most muscles is to to exercises heavy enough that you can only do 10 of them in a set, 5-15 works, but around 10 seems to be ideal, if you can do more than 15 ...


The body responds to shock. Once you can successfully do 100 pushups, 50 pullups and 40 dips daily the body will no longer consider this a shock and rather a routine. At this point, if you keep at it, you will notice a decrease in muscle mass, but not a decrease in strength. Your body was piling up all those muscles because you told it to. Now its realising ...


You need to do dips. Start with dips on parallel bars and progress to ring dips. Push-ups aren't specific practice for the pushing motion of the muscle-up.


It will, up to a point. If you can only do 5-10 straight reps before having to break then it's still heavy enough to build decent muscle for you. Once you can do around fifteen or more in a row, however, it'll start to become decreasingly effective.


Perhaps it could be in part because a push up is using primarily chest muscles, while apparently you are working your biceps and triceps. Maybe those are stronger for some reason for you. Also, 13 kilos(28 pounds) is chump weight(no offense). But if you are doing 30 reps of that, you should be able to lift 1-5 reps of 35 kilos, or 77 pounds, which still ...

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