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to fix uneven muscle is simple look in the mirror and find out which part of your muscle is bigger or smaller than the other mark that point and hit it with high reps with 4 or 5 set with extreme squeez...improve your weakness part by visualising wat exercise I should do to make this right whatever it takes feel the muscle and pump it..


It may be a little late now, but I think the pain is in your rotator cuff, which can lead to injuries. I had the same pain, exactly as you mentioned but an easy fix will prevent/stop this pain. Keep your elbows tucked as close to your body as possible while doing a press up. Think of pushing through your armpit as you push up, making sure your elbows don't ...


My yoga instructor told me to fold my fingers over my hand with the four fingers reaching towards my wrist and my thumb goes up against the side of my pointer finger so the pad of my thumb is flat with the topside of my knuckles. This provides stability in the wristt and no injury to the fingers or nails. I sprained my wrist really bad 6 months ago and have ...

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