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If you're talking about Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), there's this question and answer that might help you out. Specifically to answer your question though with DOMS you need to break it into prevention and then management once it shows up. Specifically related to massage though: Does massage really help muscle soreness? This 2005 study says ...


I started 5x5 in May 2014, and the workouts have lengthened to 1.5--2 hours depending on which workout I'm on (shorter for Deadlift day). For reference, my current lifts: Squat: 240 Bench: 160 OH Press: 95 Deadlift: 285 I switched to 3x5 on squats on 10/1. I will be 62 in December. I've deloaded three times on squats, 4 times on OH press, but not on ...

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