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Lasse, The difference between deloading or resting is this: the former allows your body to rest (with lighter loads, thus increasing endurance and strength) while the latter allows your body to rest completely (something you don't want to do often) . Given that strength training is hard, taking rests (especially for a beginner) doesn't increase your ...


Deload and rest weeks are two very different ways of giving your body, and your central nervous system (henceforth CNS) some time-out. In your example you'd go pretty much all out on 3 weeks out of 4. So naturally, you'd want to cut yourself some slack during the fourth week, so the CNS doesn't break down and you don't go into overtraining (joints will ...


One of the best articles I've found on this topic, though I am not a supplement fan. Eat whole foods to get the recommended nutrients and leave the powders alone. http://www.poliquingroup.com/ArticlesMultimedia/Articles/Article/890/Top_Ten_Nutrition_Tips_for_Best_Results_with_Twice-A-Day_Training_.aspx

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