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If you mean to always to an even number of reps per set for every workout, than no. If you're doing strength training and working in sets, you should work to achieve the same number of reps in a set, and once you achieve that goal, you can either A) increase the number of reps you want to achieve across all sets, or B) change the mechanics of the workout as ...


To reach X reps, you don't need to perform multiple sets; you only need a single set of incrementing Y Performing multiple sets will only condition your body against fatigue and will increase your endurance. But if you must perform multiple sets (which I recommend), reduce the number of sets to a maximum of 3. This will allow you to focus on increasing your ...


No, you should not. A key to any good training program is variation. You can vary number of reps, sets, weights or exercise choice. Don't do the same thing everyday.


From my experience, each set is defined by failure. Because your muscle really works when it burns and if you aim 10 reps and your 10th rep didn't even burn you... "you've wasted a set". That's from my experience only.

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