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You may want an app, but to me it sounds like what you're looking for is a coach. Your requirements read like the list of services Fitocracy's online coaches offer (example -- I am not affiliated with the site or the coaches, I use the free app).


Similar to Urban, i also use Jefit. While i did my own routine (based on the book Bigger, leaner, stronger by Michael Matthews), the app also features community workouts made by other people, these workouts can be filtered by ranking meaning you can chose to follow popular workouts with great reviews. The large workout database allows you to vary your ...


I've been using this app called Jefit, which is fairly popular, you might have already heard of it. I've created my own routine (based on the equipment available to me) and can record reps and weight for each exercise. They have quite an exhaustive list of exercises for you to choose from broken down by which body part they push. Using this, I can see ...

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