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I see you have written this post some time ago, but am wondering how you are doing with it now? It's really weird seeing ALL your struggles as if "I" wrote it, having had the same struggles. One thing that has really helped me that no one ever mentions is sunlight therapy. This changes the body clock to be what time you choose to wake and sleep even if you ...


My suggestion would be to make small variations to the workout each time. This way you will work slightly different muscle groups each time to increase your overall results AND not get bored with doing the same thing all the time. Suggested variation: -15 squat jumps (body weight squat with a jump at the end) -15 incline or decline push ups - (put feet or ...


If you have a chin up bar, you can do bodyweight rows. You can make them harder by elevating your feet on a box or doing front lever rows (tuck, straddle or full). That's for rows. This routine is neglecting the lower back. So, I recommend doing back extensions and reverse leg raises. If your goal is strength or muscle hypertrophy You won't gain much ...


The row works your back and shoulders. What sort of equipment do you have available? Pullups and bodyweight inverted rows would be the bodyweight exercises that I'd consider, but you'd still need some equipment to do them.

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