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I had been having ankle sprains and twists regularly, once every 1 to 2 years, until I changed my running to the barefoot-midsole style (at first, actually running barefoot). My motivation was knee pain, although in the 5 years since, I haven't twisted my ankle once. I attribute this to foot awareness -- with the cushioned shoes I wasn't 'feeling' the ...


Baby powder. Blow it in your socks, blow it on your toes, and you will be good for at least a few hours.


Rubbing is generally only a concern when chaffing occurs, so unless you are finding your toes red and sore after a run I wouldn't be too concerned yet. However, if you have noticed chaffing is a problem, rather than a barrier solution like plasters which can move and possibly increasing chaffing, why not aim for a lubrication solution instead. Chaffing ...

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