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I usually advise people to start by aiming for time, not distance. Shoot for 30 minutes, every other day. Run as much as you can, walk the rest, and try to run again. Don't push it too hard in the beginning: you'll likely be very sore which can make you miss workouts. You're filling up a bathtub one spoonful at a time, you can't rush the process. After a ...


In addition to the answers already received, I would suggest you to do weight training for your legs in the gym. It develops mitochondria in your muscle cells, which play important role in (up)hill running.


I am no expert, @Michał, so you are warned in advance. I have three remarks: You could consider a threadmill. This will give you any desired angle, your muscles may get proper training. Running up and down the staircase should be good too, certainly, but it wouldn't position your foot the way a steep road would. Running the staircase should be helpful ...


A general rule of running is to gradually increase your miles by no more than 10% per week. So a 10 mile week can turn into an 11 mile week. There are a lot of marathon training calendars you can find online that will give you the day-by-day schedule. Often these require shorter (and faster) days on Monday and Wednesday, with a longer and slower run (aimed ...

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