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There isn't currently an integrated theory such as you discuss. I would recommend reading The Lore of Running for a long discussion of the impact of various conditions on running times.


I agree with @jsmith but all the plans tend to follow a few specific guidelines. Here are the ones I'm following: Build up to at least 20 miles 1-2 months before a marathon race. Run all long runs ( +16 miles) at an easy pace. Do one long run every week but run your longest long runs every other weekend at the most. Aside from running for distance for the ...


It sounds like you have a good aerobic base to start a marathon training plan now. You are running around 25 miles per week, which is right at the required base miles to start a running marathon program. There are A LOT of options out there for marathon programs. But I'll give you my 2 cents as to which I have liked the best. For price and quality I don't ...


If you can't run 10k without stopping, then you are either running too far, or too fast for your current fitness. I would recommend a program created by a cross country coach named Barry Pollack, dubbed the 3:2:1 program. In this, you have 6 runs per week, 3 short, 2 medium and one long. Your medium run is double your short runs, and your long run is 3x ...

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