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I mostly agree with Marten's answer in that feet have changed with the widespread adoption of constant wearing of shoes, but I disagree with some of his other facts such as his assertion that there are no successful barefoot or minimalist runners (never mind that, at high levels of competition, arguing about minimalist equipment is kind of silly since they'...


First, feet do not look the same anymore, the use of shoes from early on shapes our feet, not only in their performance but also in their shape. This is a picture of feet used to shoes and feet that has not been adapted to shoes: So basically, you can not expect that since we didn't use shoes, it's now safe (or better) to run barefeet. If you're ...


I have a torn ACL and after wearing the Adidas Bostons, my knees have felt tons better. Note that I believe that I own 2013 versions. I've also worn Adidas's supernovas and they were quite comfortable (but a bit heavier, not by much)

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