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Let me try to have a stab at answering your questions. 1) Nike makes a pretty good range of shoes and I'm sure you can find one that will suit. Look for LunarGlide that are fairly light, not tons of cushioning, but more than Saucony Kinvara. They also use the Flywire design (knitted top). In also supernator and find them great for both short and longer ...


Like you, I have been running a number of years and have tried various brands. In my opinion there are a couple of reasons you won't be offered Nike running shoes in a running shop. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but sometimes with big brands like Nike they can be very fussy about where their shoes are sold. They may say to shops they they ...


My guess is they don't quite fit. You might need a slightly bigger shoe, most places recommend a half size larger as your feet tend to swell(which is probably why it hurt after 20 mins). The other general recommendation is to have about a thumbs width between big toe and top of shoe (NYTimes, 2010). If your store has a generous return policy(as you ...


If you are going out to buy shoes I would definitely go for walking shoes. For the following reasons:- They are more supportive all round. They will last longer They will keep your foot drier in a downpour.

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