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I've done this, and I found that it may have helped improve my overhead press by five or ten pounds over the course of a month. It also stressed my shoulder joint (through both overuse and under-warmup) to the point where I had to take time off training.


If I understand your question, you could look at it a little more basically and ask: Is someone who's doing a bit more physical work during the day going to have better strength than someone who doesn't? If you hopped up from your desk and tried to 1RM a deadlift after sitting on your butt for a couple of hours, that would probably be a bad idea. ...


What volume would I have to work with in order to see any positive benefit? If you are going to incorporate an exercise into a frequent daily routine then you need it to be very low volume, otherwise you will over stress your body without giving it time to recover and build muscle. This concept of low-volume exercises throughout the day is called ...

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