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Thanks everyone for all your responses, much appreciated. Will continue working it and bring it back to level strength :) Cheers J


In my case my dominant side was weaker than the other side. I do not know if was the right approach but I used to stop at 2 reps lower than my limit of the weaker side. For example my left hand was stronger than my right(though I am right handed). For a single bicep curl, I used to do 8 reps with my left(even if I could do 12), and do 10 with my right(which ...


Sure you can, but it's going to take time. One of the major things I've noticed is my dominant arm is stronger than my non-dominant. In this case I happen to be a lefty...sinister, I know... Anyway, what I found worked for me is to start all my single arm movements with my weaker arm, and finish with it. Basically forcing my weaker arm to rep 1-2 more reps ...

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