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I'm not sure this is from OSHA, but this is a diagram that I found on the subject:


In short, Yes! There are two aspects to this: Bone Muscle Bone: Any exercise that places regular stress on a given bone will increase bone density overtime. For the wrist specifically, strengthening the forearm and hand muscles (in the forearm) will have the greatest effect. When you do these other exercises these muscles are still indirectly ...


Exercises that build muscle in your upper arms, shoulders, and upper back can make your shoulders look wider, but they won't change the actual distance between your joints. Although weight-bearing exercise can increase bone density, the basic geometry of your skeleton isn't really altered by exercise. There's no exercise that will make you taller or have ...


I recently purchased the Ikea Sit and Stand desk. It has been the solution I was looking for for a long time. You may want to give that one a shot. I got the electric one, which runs just under $500, but they also have a manual (with a lever), that pretty much does the same thing. I highly encourage anyone wanting to have the sitting and standing options on ...

2 gives some nice help in understanding anatomy and kinesiology as it relates to exercise and weightlifting. In addition to their basic exercise and muscle directory, they have several pages that help you understand joint movements, proper alignments, specific muscle weaknesses, and the physics of the movements. The Articulations directory links you ...


I recommend you check the book Strength Training Anatomy. It has images and details for each exercise and the muscles involved and their names. You can "click to look inside" to get a feel of what it is about.


Here are the guidelines from OSHA for both sitting and standing desks.

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