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It's generally not an issue unless you're at the "numb limbs" level of sleep deprivation. When you're that tired, the odds are good that your head is not entirely in the game, and you run a higher risk of doing unsafe actions ranging from exceed your ROM to over-using your muscles to forgetting to put clamps on the ends of the weight bars. If you're ever ...


As long as you're able to recover afterwards. It won't be your best workout but it will be better than no workout.


Don't working-out right before trying to sleep. Most people need a couple of hours to cool-down after exerting themselves before they'll be ready to sleep. In your case, it appears that has been fulfilled - 5:45 to 10:30 should be plenty of time for your body to ramp-down and be ready for sleep. Unless, of course, you consumed a stimulant like caffeine. ...


did u take any medications prior to workout P.S. I am unable to write in the comment box as I do not have enough reputation (sign), therefore I am writing my suggestion as an answer and will remove it if it doesn't help

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