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Specifically, I think your biggest issue will be cognitive impairment. The image of two kids in a basement toking and curling is honestly quite hilarious, and probably isn't going to be too much of a problem in and of itself. More to the point: Curling is a terribly inefficient exercise unless you're a rather advanced body builder, which I'm going to ...


Assuming it is legal to smoke marijuana where you live, I would suggest waiting until after you work out to enjoy a smoke. Smoking while your body is under stress from the weightlifting makes it harder to reap the benefits of working out.


In general, exercise will increase your health and your body's operating efficiency. Things like stroke volume, lung efficiency and capacity, and red blood cell efficiency including oxygen and co2 delivery efficiency. See the Diagram below. Not only does blood efficiency increase but so does red blood cell production and the exchange of nutrients/wastes at ...

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