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Definitely go with an Olympic bar. They will be a standard weight and have a standard diameter. If you go with anything else you may be stuck buying proprietary weights for an non standard sized bar. A typical bar will be 6-7 feet long. I would go with the longer one since you plan on doing deadlifts. The good thing about buying weight is you don't need to ...


A few recommendations (to address your questions): Get a power rack, they aren't that expensive but they are very versatile. You can use them for squats, and as a personal spotter for bench presses. (bench sold separately). The lower cross bars are there to act as your spotter so you never have to drop the bar on the floor or worry about the bar ...


There's a few stretches you can do to help your shoulder flexibility: shoulder dislocations pec stretches foam rolling This article on prepping for the overhead press also has some good mobility/stretching exercises that will help you. So yes, there's a lot you can do, and flexibility is important to having good form. Just a note on hand position on ...


One thing you could try is improving your ability to stay in a "Third-World Squat". I do not have any experience in how this helps with the specific movements that you are looking to improve. However, I think, many of the muscles and flexibility issues that this type of squat address will certainly address some (many?) of the physiological imbalances that ...


Maybe you need to slow down? Or lighten the load? Video yourself so you can see what you're doing wrong. A coach touching the erroneous area as it happens can help too. My proprioception goes through the roof with a little visual or tactile feedback. Perhaps your shoulder strength is poor, in which case Pendlay rows and pull-ups would be called for. Greg ...


I suggest you check out Kelly Starrett's Mobility website. He has a doctorate in physical therapy and focuses on the type of issue you are complaining of. He has posted a bunch of videos on how to improve flexibility of various joints. Besides stretching in various ways, he suggests rotating elbows inwards to stack the bones and muscles properly.


This could be due to shoulder stability - work your OH squats as much as you can, plus supplemental exercises like KB windmills and TGU will be of help as well.

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