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Diet Clean up your diet. The lower your body fat gets, the more insulin sensitive you become, and the easier you store body fat. Basically it gets harder and harder to get leaner. The techniques you can use to go from obese to "fit" aren't the same you need to get from "fit" to "ripped". You're eating a ton of carbohydrates, which is probably the problem. ...


Well it looks like you have your exercise portion of things in order. Running and going to the gym regularly is for sure helping, but here is your main problem: My diet is not that great, I admit it. I don't control the portions. You should at the least know how much the portions you're eating are as well as adjusting how much you eat (not necessarily ...


A standard go-to for improving speed is wind sprints. Basically, you repeatedly go from 0 to as fast as you can and sustain it for a short distance, recover for a few minutes, then repeat. It develops explosive power and, if you have an external starting signal like a friend with a whistle, it helps you develop reflexes so that you start moving as soon as ...


Afaik, the whole "exercise stunts growth" idea is a myth, as long as you eat enough, lifting weights will not interfere with your growth. Some people do weight lifting with explosiveness focus to get faster, but that should be done with a professional.

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