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If you can find a pair of yoga toe socks that fit, those can work just fine. Several people use them in my gym and are in some of the more advanced poses. They're not optimal; solid contact with the ground and having total control over your feet would be the best. It's also actually helpful to be able to look at your barefoot, and "see" where the weight is ...


It depends on the sport. Soccer and Football (I'm speaking as an American here) both use long socks to hold the shin guards in place. The shin guards provide extra padding to prevent injuries from errant kicks and tackles. The long socks are also in the team colors so the referees can easily identify which team the players are on even when the jersey ...


Sport socks can make a world of difference, especially during longer workouts or if you have sweaty feet. They help reduce the moisture and friction, which becomes more important the longer you run. In diabetics, they sometimes add patches of low friction material to the insoles, because this reduces the shear forces on high risk areas. Good sport socks do ...


I would think that the long socks in sports would be for some protection. I wear short socks when I go to the gym because I don't like/need the long socks. But do wear medium length socks when rollerblading to pad my chins.


Most wool socks probably won't. Here's why. It sounds from my online research like the smell comes from wet lanolin. And Garth & Kim Travis write: Not all wool sheep are high in lanolin; some, like, Gulf Coast have very low lanolin levels. So it would depend on the breed of sheep. Also, most spinning today is done with washed wools — very ...


Some runners, especially some ultra-runners, get blisters in between the toes. Injinjis stop that process by being toe-socks. You can do the same thing by taping each toe individually with special athletic tape or duct tape.


I don't like short socks. My ex was a dancer and she hated long socks (she'd wear ankle length ones). Most of my socks don't quite go halfway up my shins, but I have some that make it to my knees, and those are hiking socks (and are for a small amount of padding in case things go up one's pants, or you're banging into things with your legs). For sports ...

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