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Try "POSE method of runnig". This is a technique improvement(gooogle the exact phrase) . After trying it i must say that this did to my running speed a mirracle. Not that i am a good runner anyway.


If you are looking for ways to increase your speed at a given distance, I would suggest running over distance. We raced 5k, so we ran anywhere from 1.5x to 4x that distance. If that is a problem for you (because of injuries or whatnot), look into other forms of cardio that are lower impact. Cycling, swimming, rowing come to mind. Keep in mind the injury ...


There isn't currently an integrated theory such as you discuss. I would recommend reading The Lore of Running for a long discussion of the impact of various conditions on running times.


To complement your sprinting routines, I advise to start doing squats and deadlifts. Read around to know how to do them properly but once you start getting the correct technique, you can start adding the weight so that your legs become stronger and will greatly benefit your soccer experience...it has for me! Deadlifts: ...

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