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If I were to do a split, I'd do the deadlifts on my "back" day, not the "legs" day. Here's why: both squats and deadlifts are compound movements that are best done heavy. They both do a good job stimulating whole-body growth. In contrast, curls, lat pull-downs and cable rows are exercises that target less overall muscle, which is fine as supplementary ...


Yes splits are possible, but it's a question of how comfortable you are whilst doing the exercises. Sumo wrestlers in Japan (and across the world) can usually do the splits, as it's predominantly the underlying muscle that needs stretched for splits. The most useful link I ever found was here and I've used it successfully through martial arts training. ...


It is certainly possible, but IMO has very little practical value as working your arms separately limits you to a couple of exercises. Plus, it may be harder to keep the load balanced so that your arms progress at the same pace. Make sure you eat well and get enough sleep. Fatigue builds up quickly if either of those is missing.


I am collecting here material and keywords related to this topic. I understand horizontal split to require flexibilities such as hamstring flexibility and hip flexibility. I understand this answer so that the user recommends sumo squats to improve hip flexibility where back straight like below by this video and this example does not target the hips that ...

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