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NipGuards are a totally different way to prevent chafing, better in my opinion than Band-Aids or gels. They're shaped like an octagon, with a hollow circle in the middle, which allows the tip of the nipple to remain protected without having an irritating adhesive plastered on the most sensitive part of the nipple. NipGuardsĀ® use a safe, medical adhesive ...


A lot of runners (male and female) wear bandaids over their nipples to minimize chafe.


I would experiment with sports lubricants like Body Glide or Sports Slick. There are special nipple bandaids that are also used, as Eric Kaufman suggested.


The harm would be found in a lack of support for parts of your body (or another person's body) that needs support and doesn't benefit from getting tossed about as you run. Chafing is another issue, and a lot of runners will wear bandaids over their nipples to prevent bleeding and broken skin. A lot of folks with big legs wear slick shorts that cover at ...

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