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Looking at your stomach isn't very reliable, since it can be affected by water and food. To determine wether ones fat percentage is decreasing, it's better to look at ones muscle separation. When one loses fat, muscle separation increases and appears in new places, same goes for vascularity. Vein on your bicep getting more distinct? Then you're losing fat. ...


NipGuards are a totally different way to prevent chafing, better in my opinion than Band-Aids or gels. They're shaped like an octagon, with a hollow circle in the middle, which allows the tip of the nipple to remain protected without having an irritating adhesive plastered on the most sensitive part of the nipple. NipGuardsĀ® use a safe, medical adhesive ...


I would experiment with sports lubricants like Body Glide or Sports Slick. There are special nipple bandaids that are also used, as Eric Kaufman suggested.


A lot of runners (male and female) wear bandaids over their nipples to minimize chafe.

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