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From your description, it seems that you are facing a weight loss plateau, where in while losing weight after some time your body weight remains at the same level. This is common thing while losing weight. Things you can do while facing plateau are: 1) Re-evaluate your calorie intake. As you lose weight, not only does it become harder to lose, but your ...


Do not worry, you are just doing great. In the beginning you lose weight very fast but with the training you still lose some fat but you also gain some muscle in the meantime. That is why you weight same but you get more muscle. You may have TANITA like tests (fat percentage determination) periodically to follow fat percentage lose. Keep the good work up.


There's always going to be benefit from any movement (you're using SOME muscle, so SOME muscle will get trained), but of course, by limiting the range of motion (ROM), you're also limiting the effect. But it's likely ill advised to do any squats or lunges while your knee is being repaired.

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