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I used to go to the gym 2-3 years ago. But now I rarely go, because after a break I can't really do any cardio: after 7-15 minutes at a treadmill I get really tired....I've tried 5-6 times [over the course of a year], but it's always the same thing. Your problem is that you're not giving your body a chance to get better at cardio. One session where you ...


I would suggest working on intervals. Dave makes a good point in his answer that progress basically requires you to work at a high intensity day after day (with rest days, of course), but it sounds like you're running yourself into the ground on these workouts. Try spacing out shorter runs with periods of walking. When you start to get tired, walk for a ...


For me its all mental, I go with full of energy and excitement to gym. Gym is a place where I have trained my mind to forget all the good/bad things and just complete my sets. I would recommend you to stick to a strict workout plan(a written) and try to finish it before leaving gym.


For the heartbeat and fat burning the best suggestion from me is to start skipping rope. Just do the basic jump. Skipping rope detailed information On the above page under the title Health Benefits Skipping as exercise Skipping may be used for a cardiovascular workout, similar to jogging or bicycle riding. This aerobic exercise can achieve a "burn ...


I love intervals or circuits for this. Changing up the routine helps me catch my breath, while still working my body. It also fights my biggest problem with running, jogging, biking, walking: Freaking boredom. As Dave said, though, cardio is basically doing stuff vigorously. You know what's vigorous, fun cardio? Dancing. Try to find a retro dance scene, ...


I would try something like Couch to 5k or hiring a trainer at a gym. You need a lot of guidance. Progressing from not-fit to a serious routine takes a lot of knowledge and a willingness to pay for your mistakes in injury.


Walking and Weightlifting Walking is a fine starting point for overall fitness, and to combat the problems associated with sitting at a desk for long periods. If you're completely new, just about ANY sort of resistance training is going to get you results. Once you've been at it for a few dozen sessions, you can start looking into more complete lifting ...

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