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Here's a good summary of muscles involved in skiing (in my experience, it is based on importance): Quadriceps. Hamstrings and Glutes. Inner and Outer Thighs. Calves. Abs and Back. Arms. If you would like to get/stay fit for skiing you should target these muscles. Based on personal experience, the following exercises prepare me the best for the skiing ...


I would try something like Couch to 5k or hiring a trainer at a gym. You need a lot of guidance. Progressing from not-fit to a serious routine takes a lot of knowledge and a willingness to pay for your mistakes in injury.


Walking and Weightlifting Walking is a fine starting point for overall fitness, and to combat the problems associated with sitting at a desk for long periods. If you're completely new, just about ANY sort of resistance training is going to get you results. Once you've been at it for a few dozen sessions, you can start looking into more complete lifting ...


Well, first of all, I'm sorry to get to this so late, as with less than a month left it will likely be difficult to gain much from any sort of exercises. That being said, the best type of exercise for adjustment of this sort would be running, ideally with a sauna visit directly afterwards to simulate the dry environment. Running serves two purposes here. ...

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